We want our students to become leaders who have capacity and character to change the world

Ed Wu, Founder & CEO


developing character through acts of services.



life is a journey. when your child joins prep, they are joining an exciting adventure.



You can Do hard things

Ed Wu

who we are

We are a group of professionals who saw the “Parachute kids” coming in waves and struggling in America and decide to do something about it.

We are parents who love our own kids and all the precious children.

We are educators who focus not only on academics but also on the mind, body, and soul of our students.

what we do

PREP provides a professional and trustworthy education services to international students so that they can grow in wisdom and stature to become the next generation of leaders with the character and capacity to impact the world.

Currently, we are serving in Austin TX, partnering with private schools. We provide a one-stop homestay service and we developed a unique approach to integrate homestay management, scholastic placement, academic counseling, outdoor adventure, and community service.

how you can help

At Premier Education Partners, our goal is to help international students grow intellectually, culturally, emotionally, and spiritually. The residential element is a critical part of our student’s experience in America. Our unique Homestay approach is structured to provide an exceptional experience to both the host family and the student during their time in America.

We are constantly looking for faithful families to host our students. We provide hands-on local support to our host families and students. If you are passionate about the great mission, this is a great opportunity to share the good news with somebody right at your home!

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Testimonials from host parents


You legitimately love the students and always serve them with joy.

Mr. Payne

I think you’re doing great things. I can see how much you care about your students. Not only educationally, but you’re also working hard to shape their minds and characters, with all the extra activities, volunteering, and church.

Mrs. Ayala

Always responsive and helpful with schedule conflicts, really quick with stipend payments this year.

Mrs. Roberts

Clear instruction about hosting, flexibility on students’ activity. You really care about the students, want them to succeed.

Mrs. wang

You have been very available when we have had issues with our students. We appreciate you being on the same page and supporting our decisions with the students, so they see that we are united in wanting the best for them.

Mrs. wilson

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Testimonials from student parents

Because the PREP team’s love, care, and guidance, our children can enjoy beautiful family life and their study and activities can be arranged and managed so well. I am so touched, grateful, and thankful!

Mr zhang

I can see my son has grown a lot, taller, calmer, not hurried as before, and become sunnier! I can see how much efforts that you and host families have put in to teach my son and the results.

Mrs. Cui

Having seen the rigorous process that PREP uses to handpick each host family, I changed my original idea of not letting my son stay with a host family. The core competence of PREP is the quality of their host family and their approach to whole-person development and that’s the main difference set them apart from other agents. Very grateful for what they have done for my son.

Mrs. wu

For a normal agent, their service ends when students arrive in America. However, to PREP, their service just starts. I am very thankful that PREP not only cares about his academic performance but also the character development and healthy growth…

Mrs. xu

Only a few days came back from Austin, I found two very positive changes: first, he is more patient and will actually have a discussion with us and ask for our opinions, for example, go to meet friends, family chores (I asked him to wash dishes and clothes). Sometimes we fought but I can feel that he has stronger self-control now. Secondly, he is a lot more frugal. I took him to buy three pieces of clothes, one pair of pants, each cost about $10-20 and he said I bought too much.

Mrs wang

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