“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”

-1 Corinthians 1:31



That’s how much we raised collectively, as a community, for the China coronavirus relief effort until Feb 2, 2020, a day after the PREP Fundraising Event.

It was supposed to be an exciting but simple Chinese New Year celebration, one that we have done every year since 2016.

PREP Chinese New Year Show in 2016
PREP Chinese New Year Show in 2020

PREP Chinese New Year show is perhaps the only show created, directed and performed by overseas Chinese students in middle and high schools in America. Yet our performance rivals those created by college students. 


Due to the concern of coronavirus, we thought about canceling it. That would be the easiest thing to do.

But our students want to do something for their families and friends, and their people in China who are suffering from an unimaginable and uncontrollable virus outbreak.

More than a deadly virus, it’s the fear that crumbles the whole country, and other places in the world.

We prayed and were reminded “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)

So we went ahead with the show but changed the theme to “Light-Pray for Wuhan”, a week before the event. 

We also decided, for any dollar of donation we received, PREP would match 100%.



Feb 1st, show time.

We were still nervous about the whole thing.

Would anybody other than our students show up? 

Would anybody support our cause?

But then you showed up.

And our God showed up.

Once again, our students put together an amazing performance, highlighted by a joint prayer with Jeff Curry and I, and a standing crowd, worshiping God and singing Way Maker and No Longer Slave together.

Our students gave us their allowance. 

Their parents in China sent us money online.

You who came to the show, wrote on the prayer wall and gave us check and cash.


I can’t be more proud of our community.

Yes, there are many giant corporations that have donated millions and millions dollars.

There are overseas Chinese everywhere who purchased any medical supplies they can find and send back to China.

But I haven’t seen many communities as ours get together to pray and support Chinese people far far away from us.

Our community is a community of faith, compassion and action. 

We sent all donations to Huanggang Middle School Overseas Alumni Association, a 501C non-profit organization founded by alumni from the high school I graduated from. 

Huanggang is very close to the epic center Wuhan and was the hit the second hardest. But as a third tier city, it has barely got any support. The alumni association will use the fund to purchase medical supplies and leverage its global alumni network, to transport the supplies to the local hospitals. 

They even borrowed a helicopter so that supplies can be transported from Shanghai to Huanggang, bypassing all roadblocks.

I trust them will use our fund wisely for the most pressing needs.


The fight is far from over.

We will continue to pray and continue to support the China coronavirus relief.

But we learn one very important lesson: 

As long as we act in love, not fear, we will shine the light of our Lord through any darkness and give people the hope they so desperately need.


I would like to thank our host families sincerely, for your prayer, donation, love of our students and care about their parents in China. We can’t do this without you. And you are making a huge difference by welcoming not only a child, but a nation into your home.

I would like also thank our partner, Brentwood Christian School, for allowing us using their facilities for the third year. 

Watch the video below to understand the coronavirus development until Feb 1st, 2020. The situation is getting worse by day.

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