Hey there, Hedy. Our Premier family wants to let you know that we’re grateful for you. The month of November is a great time to consider all that we’re thankful for, and you are one of them.

You came to us from China when you were turning 13 and in 7th grade.  When you arrived in the United States, you already knew Jesus as your personal savior, and you’ve known the value of having a grateful heart for all that Jesus has done for you in your life. 

We are so grateful to witness this young lady grow into a mature Christian leader

For these reasons, we want to know what you’re grateful for. So, we asked. And, here’s what you have to say:

  • The opportunity to study in the United States at Hill Country Bible School

Hedy is now a junior at Hill Country Bible School, and she’s grateful for the four years she’s had to study and live in the United States through Premier Education.  

  • Supportive Parents, both in the United States and in China

Hedy feels sent and received well by her Chinese and American host families. Her parents in China are very supportive of her coming to the United States to attend school, and they are genuinely happy for her.

She also feels warmly accepted and embraced by her various host families that she’s had over the years. She’s had remarkable host family experiences, and she knows this is a huge blessing. Her words she used to describe her host families are: 

“flexible, intimate, awesome, loving, godly and spiritual.”

  • “Mood Boosters” (Chick-fil-A and Hill Country Coffee Roasters)

Hedy’s third and possibly most essential thing she’s grateful for is what she calls “mood boosters.” She has a strong (possibly obsessive) relationship Chick-fil-A sandwiches and the breakfast tacos from Hill Country Coffee Roasters and other deliciousness from both establishments.

Hedy is thriving in Hill Country Christian School!

Hedy is fully utilizing her artistic talent in PREP events

Hedy the musician leading the current PREP Youth Band

Hedy and the former Youth Band members

Hedy, we’re grateful for your cheerful, positive and hardworking attitude. Thank you for starting a student council for Premier Education and for being exactly who God wants you to be. 

Our prayer for you is:

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:11-12