Here are the top ten things you should know:

Not only did you miss the dinner, but we missed you as well! At Premier Education we’re all about family, and when family members, like you, aren’t with us we feel incomplete. 

 Ed Wu gave us a greeting and shared how God is growing and using PREP. Did you know we currently have 30 students being hosted this year? He also shared that future partnerships are being started with St. Edwards University in Austin and Chattanooga Christian School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hedy, a sophomore Chinese student at Hill Country Christian School told us about the new horizons coming up with our newly formed Student Council voted in by fellow PREP students. Click here to view the full presentation.

 Leanne gave us a very informative and lively lesson about important Chinese holidays that your students are missing while not with their families. Here is a link to her power point so you can help your student celebrate and ensure that everyone gets that coveted “red envelope.” Click here to view the full presentation.

Our student advocate, Mrs. Valerie Spradling facilitated an inspiring panel discussion with several host parents. The panel members were transparent while sharing their wins and their trials as host parents. A host mom shared kindly with us about her sweet and effective discipline method: if the kids disobey her, it will make her cry. And, a host dad, bravely told us about his humbling experience of falling asleep “on the job” while waiting for his student to get home by his 11:00 curfew! We learned, laughed, and shared parenting ideas and tips. This was the most empowering and inspiring portion of the evening.

We all squeezed together for a picture and we think we make one great-looking big family! Don’t you?

Rihanna Lyu, a 7th grade student, serenaded us with her musical magic as we waited for the feast to begin.

We found our seats around the round tables while our server brought us a delicious Asian dish. We all politely took a tiny bit so there was plenty to share. Little did we know, but that was just the beginning of the barrage of foods that were on their way out. As the delicious dishes were placed before us we pushed the round lazy suzy around for all of us to share family-style, just the way we like it.

Leftover foods were packed up lovingly by all the host parents to take to their beloved students at home. Parents were sent home with gifts of appreciation for all they do for our kids.

Ed reminded all of us that his vision for Premier Education has expanded to “Transforming China one FAMILY at a time.” Thank you to all our host families that are making an impact on families all around the world!

Finally, there are some useful resources we want to share with all families:

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to have a Bible study time with your students, check out the Bible Project. Their videos are available on youtube and vimeo. Invite kids to sit with you around the table, have popcorn ready, watch a short (5-8 minutes) video and have a conversation!

If you are looking for assistance with keeping electronics in control, please reach out to the PREP team and ask for a CIRCLE device and we will ship it to your house for free! The device is designed by Disney and can provide many functionalities that you need. But remember, nothing can replace the loving and caring parental guidance!

Last but not the least, the PREP team is always here to help. Any questions, please reach out to us on Slack, by Phone, or have a cup of coffee or tea!

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