John is a senior at Hyde Park. He started with Premier Education at Summit Christian Academy in 8th grade, and in 9th grade he moved to Hyde Park. 

John 5 years ago vs. John now!

During his time with Premier Education, he has had three or four host families. Right now, he’s happy to be living with a family of a friend of his from school. He feels it’s easier for commuting and he also enjoys watching his friend’s football games

John is planning to play basketball in the spring again. Right now, he is working out with football guys in the morning. College essays are also consuming his time right now. He also organizes the robotics club at school. He joined the club in his freshman year, and he started to lead it on his own after the teacher left. There are 3 or 4 kids in that club. 

John wants to pursue engineering. He attended an engineering summer camp at Johns Hopkins. This experience gave him a good idea of what college will be like. He met friends and got to know their cultures, and he really enjoyed that. He could get ‘nerdy’ together with other engineer-oriented people from all over the world.  

John serving the community in his 2nd year here

John having fun with friends in New Orleans volunteering trip, 2018

John looking good in Homecoming at Hyde Park High School

His favorite subjects in school are physics, calculus, and computer science. He basically loves working with numbers. He also enjoys history. He loves getting to know things that he can learn from people and events before he was born. His favorite time period to study is recent history, from the 1600s to the twentieth century, politics, and the rise and fall of China. He feels like it’s valuable to learn from historical mistakes and how to shape the future. 

In John’s free time, he enjoys playing video games on the phone and hanging with friends. 

John’s favorite memory while studying in the United States happened during his freshman year during basketball. It was a tough and tight game against Concordia. He was even playing against a friend on the opposite team. In the last seconds of the game, he was passed the basketball, and he made the winning shot. What a great memory!

John is thankful for Premier Education’s impact on his life. He said Prep is a caring organization that focuses on providing personalized care for every student. He feels Prep is smaller than other organizations so they can offer more one-on-one time and more opportunities to bond. They also have provided him with events such as retreats, volunteer opportunities, and a lot of extracurricular activities. He mentioned he knows international students studying in the United States through other organizations, and they do not have the same level of personal care.

John being inducted into the National Honor Society at Hyde Park High School

John being selected as the PREP Student Council member the 3rd year in a row

John is applying to the University of Texas, UC Berkley, Georgia Tech, and Rice. UT is his top choice. 

Will you join us in praying for John as he heads toward the finish line of high school? His prayer requests include:

  1. Keep making good grades.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Keep making smart choices.

John, you are so blessed!