Summer is a great time to slow down and read some books you’ve wanted to reach for but didn’t have time to during the school year. Why not add a book to your reading list that can serve as a tool for having tough conversations with your teens or young adults?

Teens and young adults are facing tough issues relating to gender, sexuality, and other topics related to their bodies. There is a lot of confusion and conflict surrounding these hot topics of our culture. Read on to discover a great tool we’ve found to help you as you walk alongside the teens and young adults living in your home and help them establish a biblical worldview and perspective on how God created each one uniquely and beautifully.

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey


It addresses the hard topics such as:

-Are Transgender people discovering their authentic selves?

-Is today’s culture really liberating?

-Does abortion lead to equality for women?

-Homosexuality- advocates disconnect sexuality from being biologically male or female. It this liberating—or does it denigrate who we really are?

The book will empower you to intelligently and compassionately engage in today’s most controversial moral and social challenges from a biblical perspective. Nancy Pearcy was a former agnostic. She has been hailed in The Economist as “America’s preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual.”

One Premier family bought this book on CD and listened to it on a long road trip with her teen daughter. It was a great springboard for deep conversations. 

Our team at Premier Education is praying for you as you use the summer to read, rest, refuel and get ready for another great school year in the fall.