This is a “poem” I wrote to one of my students when we are taking a vacation together and writing a “gift of words” card to each other. Definitely not a poet, I just want to capture the journey our students had, encourage them, and have a little fun!

Met you first time on March 7 2015

Eagerly you started the journey that summer, a journey, not a destiny

Relatively new to America, you weren’t daunted by the challenge

Rough and bumpy, you didn’t know how the road could unfold

Young and brave, nothing that can stop you, it seems

Choice is yours, you want to prove yourself

Home is near but far, many nights you slept lonely

Reaching out to mother, you whisper

I can do this, I think

Students all adore your personality

Teachers they expect you to lead

Many things were accomplished and some regrets

Adventure and boredom, joy and pain, all part of the journey 

Still you remember He said, I love you so much,  Now Follow Me!

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