If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet our PREP family member, Valerie Spradling, you already know what a special lady she is. She makes everyone around her feel valued, loved, and prayed for. Her presence is like a warm hug embracing you as you interact with her. If you haven’t met her in person before, we hope you get that opportunity. In the meantime, why not take a few minutes to read about Valarie and all that she contributes to Premier Education?

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Your faith, family, what you do for fun!

Valerie: I’m a native Austinite and come from a large family of musicians and grew up around live music. I met Jesus in my early twenties and continue to grow and strengthen my relationship with Him through His written word & prayer. He is my source for a thriving life.

By the grace of God alone, I have been married to my best friend, Shawn, for 33 years and together we have raised two sons (22 & 20) and two daughters (18 & 15). Raising a family has taught us much about serving, mercy, grace & teamwork. We love outdoor sports & games and enjoy spending fun times together boating and swimming on the lakes and grilling out with extended family members. If there is such a thing as “doing family,” then that is what I love to do for fun – Family!!!

  1.  What made you want to join the Premier Family? 

Valerie: It was an answer to prayer. Once I heard Ed’s testimony and learned of the vision for PREP, I knew God was blessing me with something so much bigger than I could ask or imagine.

  1. What is your official role within Premier Education and how long have you been in this role?

Valerie: I’ve been with PREP going on two years.

My role as an advocate is to help find and place students into Christ-centered host homes where they’ll be loved & cared for while here in the United States. I also monitor and help support their well being along with the host family and their relationship with one another.

  1. What are some of your specific responsibilities? 

Valerie: My job always begins with prayer – for my students, families, and the schools. Next, communication is vital in the role of an advocate. I strive to make sure students and host families know they have my full support, and that I’m willing to meet their needs to the best of my ability. Also, I meet with my students at least once a month as well as with the host families to help foster growing relationships and help identify areas of improvement.

  1. In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics of a host family?

Valerie: The most important characteristics of a host family are God-fearing, nurturing,  communication, passionate about God’s word and prayer, and flexibility.

  1. How can someone connect with you to learn more about hosting a student or helping in other ways with Premier Education?

You can find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/valerie.spradling

Or email me valerie at premier-edu.com