Last month I got to spend time with Bowen, one of Prep’s students, to see how it’s going with his host family, the Chins. Last night I had the opportunity to “meet” Bowen’s parents virtually via ZOOM conferencing (and Heidi, our amazing interpreter). I had that moment during our time together when I thought to myself, “I could have picked these two out as Bowen’s parents right away if they were in a sea of people.”

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When I arrive at the Chin family home, the family cat greets me at the front door with its own ‘welcome’.  With the sound of “meeee-yoooows” and the sensation of Mr. Cat rubbing against my legs, I ring the doorbell. The warm greeting is continued as I’m invited into the Chin home, a continuation of the welcome already offered to me on the door stoop. Continue reading “Welcome To The Chin Home”