Ever since the Coronavirus hit the United States I’ve been burdened for people in leadership who are having to make vital decisions on behalf of those under their care and leadership. I’ve been particularly burdened for Premier Education’s leader, Ed Wu, as he is navigating this pandemic that’s hit the United States with great force. I wanted to take some time to hear from him during this time so we know how to pray for him. I also wanted to expose others to the strong faith God has entrusted to lead Premier Education.

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Hosting an international student is rewarding in many ways, but we also know it can be hard. Not only are you hosting a student from another country, but you’re also inviting a teenager into your home. You’re brave, and we have a great deal of respect for you. 

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What constitutes a “Win” while hosting? 

What motivated you to host a Chinese student in your home? It’s essential to determine that, because your motivation will drive every decision you make as you bring a temporary new family member into your home. 

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The Darkest Moment

May 2nd, 2004.

After two years of study at the University of Michigan, and suffering through two very long winters while there, I finally graduated with an MBA degree.

The caps were thrown, tears were shed, and a bright new future was waiting for me.

Many of my classmates were still trying to find a job while I had an excellent offer to move to Austin, Texas, and work for Dell. I came to this “promised land” for a dream, and now the “American dream” was right in front of me. I even test-drove a BMW, my dream car at that time.

This moment of my life was supposed to be the happiest one, but it was the darkest time of my life.

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Last week Ed, the founder of Premier Education, hosted an event to honor and encourage our host families. If you’re considering hosting a student in the future, why not read about Ed’s heart and vision for this ministry.

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-a journey of men into the wilderness

Our team, families, and students all have the honor of being led by a man who is continually looking for ways to enhance his leadership skills and grow deeper in his walk with God and man. Ed Wu is the Founder and CEO of Premier Education. He pours into the lives of our students and families daily, so he takes the time to be filled up each year so he can continue to serve and love and lead people well. 

Recently, he engaged in a program called Leadertrek. It is designed to take men into the wilderness to know more about God, himself, and his purpose in life. During this experience, five days were spent at Four Pass Loop in Colorado. Fighting altitude, heavy backpacks and adverse weather conditions (even the first snow of the season), they accomplished to hike 45 miles, totaling 117,000 steps with an 8,000 feet elevation gain! 



An Inspirational Letter From Our Founder And CEO, Ed Wu

Recently, our founder and CEO of Premier Education sent this personal letter out to our host families. It’s reassuring to know that he is not asking us to do anything that is not worth it and that he has daily struggles of his own as he hosts students in his home as well.

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