Last week Ed, the founder of Premier Education, hosted an event to honor and encourage our host families. If you’re considering hosting a student in the future, why not read about Ed’s heart and vision for this ministry.

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Recently, Dr. Leonard Sax visited one of our partner schools to speak about gender, parenting, and teaching. It was an enlightening and lively time for everyone present. We thought it’d be helpful to share a bit about him to our Premier Education family and friends.  Continue reading “Recommended Resources For Parents and Educators – Books by Dr. Leonard Sax”


Summer is a great time to slow down and read some books you’ve wanted to reach for but didn’t have time to during the school year. Why not add a book to your reading list that can serve as a tool for having tough conversations with your teens or young adults?

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Dear Eve,

You rolled your little 10-year-old body up to our meeting on Heelys, and instantly I liked you! Thanks for sitting with me this morning and telling me about what it was like to have Jessy in your home for two weeks during Premier Education’s Winter Camp. I learned a lot from you because you were honest with me. I respect that in a young girl like you.

When I asked you how you felt about having a girl from China (Jessy, age 10) in your home, you mentioned that you weren’t too excited. It made me curious about why.


Last week twelve young Chinese students got on a plane to begin an adventure in the United States. Our team at Premier Education welcomed them with great expectation surrounding their time here. We thought it would be helpful to give a little food etiquette training to these kids as they enter into their host homes so they feel more comfortable.

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Premier Education Partners exists to “Transform China ONE Family At A Time”

At Premier Education, we focus a lot on the number one. We do this because each and every one of our students helps us accomplish our vision of seeing China transformed ONE family at a time.

I recently had the honor of sitting down to chat with four of our previous Premier high school students. Each of them are now attending college in various parts of the United States. I wanted to see how their experience as a Premier high school student helped transform their current college experience. Each one of them chose one word that they developed in high school, and are continuing to develop now that they’re in college.


Now that Thanksgiving is over everyone is looking forward to Christmas! This is true for most people, however, if you have a high school student, December means the dreaded finals are coming soon! 

Five ways you can help make finals a little less stressful and a lot more successful!

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Last month I got to spend time with Bowen, one of Prep’s students, to see how it’s going with his host family, the Chins. Last night I had the opportunity to “meet” Bowen’s parents virtually via ZOOM conferencing (and Heidi, our amazing interpreter). I had that moment during our time together when I thought to myself, “I could have picked these two out as Bowen’s parents right away if they were in a sea of people.”

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There is nothing better than a yummy Chinese food to make your student smile. Of course, they like the food you cook but they miss the smell and the taste of foods from their own country. Plus what a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Chinese culture while the whole family enjoys a great meal together!

We hand-picked the best of best Chinese restaurants in Austin and hope you will find an opportunity to try some of them. I am sure you won’t regret and certainly, your student will thank you for a long time!

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