Dear Mrs. Johnson,

First of all, please allow me to express my sincere thanks to you. Remember at the end of last school year, Brentwood Christian School offered an extra summer tutoring which required every student who had a significant grade drop to attend which lasted two weeks. I sent you an email, explaining my situation and my desire to have a restful summer. You responded to my email kindly and told me that I have your permission to exempt the tutoring. With that two weeks of resting, I was able to adjust myself and made a lot of progress during summer. I couldn’t have had such a productive summer without that two weeks for me to adjust physically and emotionally.



The one-month program in the backcountry that I was forced to join was intimidating to me. It was a conservation summer camp at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Also, by back country, I mean there is no toilet, no internet, nor wild animal protection. I could definitely say that this was an outdoor survival camp, the food was proportioned for ten people so that we wouldn’t starve to death by the time the next supply arrives. The weather there was also not considered mild, it poured rain every afternoon and our things needed a couple days to get dry. Up till now, if you think I am writing a negative essay to express my anger, you are wrong! This program is actually an upbeat camp that builds character.

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