Dear Eve,

You rolled your little 10-year-old body up to our meeting on Heelys, and instantly I liked you! Thanks for sitting with me this morning and telling me about what it was like to have Jessy in your home for two weeks during Premier Education’s Winter Camp. I learned a lot from you because you were honest with me. I respect that in a young girl like you.

When I asked you how you felt about having a girl from China (Jessy, age 10) in your home, you mentioned that you weren’t too excited. It made me curious about why.


Last week twelve young Chinese students got on a plane to begin an adventure in the United States. Our team at Premier Education welcomed them with great expectation surrounding their time here. We thought it would be helpful to give a little food etiquette training to these kids as they enter into their host homes so they feel more comfortable.

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As the temperatures are turning cooler here in Austin it reminds us to prepare ourselves for what is to come. Do you have your firewood for the cold winter nights? Here is a list of ten things USA Today suggests doing to prepare your home for the winter.

At Premier Education, we’d like to suggest that you’d consider how you and your family could use your home for kingdom purposes this winter as well. Every winter we host potential Chinese students in homes for them to be exposed to what it will be like to come and enroll as a student and study here in the future. It’s a great opportunity for prospective students and for families who might be considering hosting a student for a yearlong commitment in the future.

The commitment is minimal, but the impact is enormous.

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