Dear Teresa,

We miss you! We miss you living in our home and laughing at our jokes. We miss eating dinner around the dinner table with you and playing “Bluff” each night to see who the loser was that would “get” to clean the dishes.

We miss your adjectives you’d use to describe your day when you’d come home from winter camp school. I think if I were in another country attending a new school with new friends in a second language, I’d come back saying I was exhausted, frustrated, lonely or confused. Those were never your words; you came home describing your day as “excellent, awesome, incredible or great!”

We miss your positive attitude.

We miss your inquisitive nature.

Teresa along with her American parents –Emily and Rick

Teresa buying gifts for her host family

Teresa along with other 2019 winter camp students at Enchanted Rock

Teresa at the Winter Camp Graduation Ceremony

You always wanted to peek over my shoulder as I’d prepare a meal. Then, after you’d had enough of peeking, you’d roll up your sleeves and help with the food preparation adventure exclaiming, “O my! O my! O my!”  It made me chuckle every time!

We miss learning about China with you.

You taught us so much about your culture. I remember when you played us some popular Chinese music. We all thought it was a little funny, including you. However, it did have a fun beat that made Mr. Rick get a groove on. Thankfully, he stopped dancing after you, and I begged him.  

I was praying for you this morning, Teresa. I know that God has big plans for your life. When you come back to the United States, we want you to come live with us again. Our lives are richer for knowing you and hosting you in our home.


Mrs. Emily

If you’re interested in hosting a student, like Teresa, in your home, contact someone from our team at Premier Education.

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