Were you at Premier Education’s New Year’s celebration? It was an incredible display of Chinese cuisine, performances, and connections. For most people associated with Premier Education, they would say our New Year’s celebration is a highlight for them. 

3 Reasons We Do A Chinese New Year Celebration

  1. Celebrating our culture. We come together to eat, perform and enjoy each other’s company to embrace one of the most significant Chinese holidays together. This holiday can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC). It is also called the Spring Festival and celebrates the Lunar New Year. Red envelopes are exchanged, and it is known as the world’s largest annual human migration as travelers attempt to get home to celebrate with family.
  2. Embracing our culture. When our students come to the United States, they often do a lot to try to blend in and learn about our American culture. Our celebration allows our students the opportunity to embrace where they come from and fully express their Chinese culture and traditions.
  3. Displaying our culture. We invite many people from many cultures to our program to showcase our culture. Cultural exchanges are healthy and build community and understanding among everyone. 

Ultimately, our team at Premier’s desire is to honor God above everything else.

Watch the Chinese New Year celebration video


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